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Angles and direction of flooring

Hardwood, laminate and tile flooring can be installed parallel to a common wall or at a 45 degree angle, depending on the look you prefer.

Preparation before the floor is installed

Many of the homes in Santa Clarita were built over an aquifer (underground water table), and therefore, moisture can naturally occur in concrete foundations. All floors require some type of preparation prior to installation.  However, prior to installing hardwood on a concrete foundation, it is recommended that the moisture level be checked. Based on the moisture level, the customer can opt for a moisture barrier. There are a couple types of moisture barrier methods:  (1) a vinyl slip sheet can be installed, then the hardwood installed on top of it;  (2) a resin or epoxy protective barrier (usually mixed and prepared on site) can be applied to the concrete; after it dries, the hardwood is installed over it. Preparation is as important as the actual installation. Rich is as competent at preparing the surface as he is at installing the flooring material.

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